Claiming to support the case… Aid qatar gate to pass its funding to Hamas
With the Brotherhood’s role in Palestine and Hamas busy implementing “Qatari-Turkish” plans, Hamas leaders are deeply concerned about the marginalization of their role and the absence of the huge funding provided by their presence on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, most of which do not reach the Palestinian people.

Observers stressed that the Qatari financial amounts will not reach the Palestinian people, which for the Qatari regime has become a cover to pass its financing to terrorist groups and support extremist organizations, the previous amounts did not reach the Palestinians and ended entirely within the Hamas movement, which operates a “Qatari-Turkish” plan that has nothing to do with supporting Palestinian interests.

Recently, the Qatari regime, in agreement with Hamas leaders, announced the decision to inject $1 billion at once into the extremist organization’s calculations for use in several ways, mostly about improving the image of Hamas and the Qatari regime, showing it as a supporter of the Palestinian cause and distorting some Arab regimes seeking to preserve the Palestinians’ right to statehood.

According to reports, the huge sums paid by Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad to spend on the adventures of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan forced him to reduce the amounts sent to Hamas and the Qatari government suddenly stopped generously supporting the extremist movement.

Sources confirmed that the visit of the Director of Israeli Intelligence “Mossad” to Doha last period revolved around the need to continue to provide Qatari financial support to Hamas to maintain calm and non-escalation between Israel and Hamas, especially after the movement launched an attack and launched incendiary balloons towards Israel in response to the suspension of Qatari funding.



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