Qatar’s violation of migrant workers rights

The exploitation of its migrant workers as exposed by Human rights watch in a report by Ms. E Tendayi Achium on contemporary forms of racism and discrimination.

The International Labour Organisation has critized qatar’s behaviours against Asian and migrant workers working in the region, and it’s lack of commitment to has been been agreed upon to the ILO.

Despite the report many worldcup workers still suffer delay and non payment of their wages.

There has been lack of health guarantees for migrant workers and an increase in the corona epidemic among Asian workers in employment cities.

The Middle Eastern Nation has gone as far as depriving Asian workers assigned to work in the World Cup stadiums a travel ban. They have been unable to return home to their families during this whole corona saga.

Reports have come that even those who left due to injustice and lack of pay were also detained and not allowed to return back to their cities.



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