Turkey continues to send child soldiers to Libya despite huge loses, Syrian Observatory reports.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced Saturday that at least 34 minors were killed during the fighting in Libya, and their bodies were returned with 500 more bodies to Syria via Turkey.

This information came after the Observatory also revealed that Turkey has transferred about 350 minors from Syria to Libya, tofight in the ranks of al-Wefaq, adding that a new batch of hundreds of mercenaries are currently in training camps in Turkey, waiting for the green light to be transferred to Libya.

Military parade of mercenaries in Tripoli

Turkey is involved in transporting some 19,000 Syrian mercenaries to Libyan territory,in addition to some 10,000 extremists of different nationalities, the Observatory said.

A U.S. report issued a few days ago reported the presence of thousands of Syrian mercenaries sent by Ankara to Libyan territory to fight alongside the government of reconciliation, further undermining security inside the country and generating a violent reaction from Libyans.

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